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Sapphire Energy and Phillips 66 to advance commercialization of Algae Crude Oil

Sapphire Energy and Phillips 66 to advance commercialization of Algae Crude Oil

10 December 2013


Sapphire Energy, Inc.,

one of the world leaders in

algae-based green crude oil,

and Phillips 66,

an integrated energy manufacturing and logistics company,

annouced a strategic joint development agreement

aimed at taking production of algae crude oil 

a significant step toward commercialization.

The company will work together to collect and analyze

data from co-processing of algae and

conventional crude oil into fuels.

The goal is to complete fuel certifications to 

ready Sapphire Energy' renewable crude oil,

called Green Crude,

for wide-scale oil refining.

Under the agreement the companies will expand 

Sapphire Energy's current testing programs

to further validate that

Green Crude can be refined in traditional refineries

and meet all of the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA)

certification requirements under the Clean Air Act.

This includes determining the optimal operating conditions

for processing algae crude oil into 

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

-certified diesel, gasoline and jet fuel.

Once the study is finished, the companies will work

together to complete the EPA certification process

to register a new fuel product entering the market.

About Sapphire Energy : Green Crude oil production

Sapphire Energy is now producing crude oil daily

from algae biomass cultivated and harvested 

at the company's Green Crude Farm,

located in Columbus, N.M., USA.

The farm is

the world's first algae-to-energy facility that demonstrates

the entire value chain of algae-based crude oil production,

* from cultivation,

* to harvest,

* to the  conversion of biomass to ready-to-refine crude oil.

In the initial testing by Sapphire Energy,

Green Crude oil was upgraded into

on-spec ASTM 975 diesel fuel,

proving its compatibility with 

the existing network of

* pipelines, refineries and transport systems.


The company expects to be at

* commercial demonstration scale in 2015,

* commercial scale in 2018,

* and is eventually projected to

   produce 1 billion gallons per year by 2025.

Sapphire Energy, Inc.,

Cynthia 'CJ' Warner, CEO and Chairman

- In under a year, Sapphire Energy has entered into

  contracts with 2 major companies in the oil and gas industry,

  showing that  there is increasing momentum for 

  algae fuel as a viable crude oil alternative, and

  significant interest by refiners

  to have new and better options to meet

  * California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and

  * the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

- We're looking forward to building a strong relationship

  with Phillips 66, an established leader

  in research and development for next generation fuels,

  who understands the opportunity

  our Green Crude Oil holds as a feasible and sustainable 

  crude oil choice for refiners.

Phillips 66,

Merl Lindstrom, Vice President of Technology,

- Phillips 66 is committed to providing energy and

  improving lives. We are continually on the lookout 

  for promising technology advances

  in energy manufacturing and logistics.

- We believe this joint development project with

  Sapphire Energy could produce a refinery-ready,

  sustainable product for Phillips 66, creating yet

  another exciting opportunity

  in this rapidly changing energy landscape.

- Combining Phillips 66's experience in

  algae research and technical experstise

  in hydroprocessing and fuels upgrading

  with Sapphire Energy's algae cultivation knowledge

  could yield a promising results.

- This new relationship with Sapphire Energy 

  complements other Phillips 66 renewable fuels

  collaborations in academia and other sectors

  to convert a wide array of sustainable feedstocks

  to transportation fuels.

- The company's biofuels platform is

  one piece of a technology strategy that

  also includes research and development of

  fuel cells and solar cells.


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