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Albemarle signs an exclusivity agreement to set a JV companies with Mineral Resources Limited to ultimately develop an integrated lithium hydroxide operation in Australia_by chemwinfo

Albemarle signs an exclusivity agreement to set a JV companies with Mineral Resources Limited to ultimately develop an integrated lithium hydroxide  operation in Australia_by chemwinfo

21 November 2018





Lithium metal

Albemarle offers lithium metal as

ingots, foil, rods, or anodes

in hundreds of sizes and thicknesses

for primary and secondary lithium batteries.

High-purity lithium metal or lithium alloys

are used as anode material.

Current research and development efforts pursue

the objective of manufacturing a rechargeable lithium battery,

by using a lithium metal anode,

which offers the highest energy density

for rechargeable applications.

The anodes of lithium batteries are usually made

of lithium foils and rods.

To achieve higher surface areas, thin lithium foils

are spirally wound in primary cylindrical cells.

Anodes for button cells are cut from rods

or stamped out of foils. We also produce foil laminates

that require the bonding of copper, nickel,

or other metals, to lithium foil.

To meet the highly specialized needs

of lithium-battery researchers

and thermal battery producers,

Albemarle produces a broad range of lithium alloys,

such as

lithium aluminum and lithium silicon

in the form of powders, foils, or anodes.

Our product forms are:

  • Lithium foil
  • UltraThin foil
  • Specialized lithium foil
  • Lithium anodes
  • Lithium rods
  • Lithium alloy powders
  • Precision cut-to-length rectangular anodes
  • Precision cut-to-shape custom-shaped anodes

In addition to these standard product offerings,

our team of lithium experts is prepared to consider

new and unique products to suit

novel and innovative applications

in the rapidly evolving sector of battery industries.

Please contact us to discuss

how we can improve our standard offerings

to better meet your needs.

Lithium salts such as

lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide

are chemicals from which nearly

all other lithium compounds derive.

These lithium salts are the basis

for rechargeable batteries

that serve a variety of uses

ranging from electronic consumer goods

to the latest electric vehicles.

As the need for batteries of higher power and capacity

evolves, Albemarle will keep focused on

providing not only a reliable source of supply

by constantly increasing production,

but also on improved material quality grades.

As far as lithium carbonate is concerned, we will continue

to focus on efforts to provide higher purity levels

as well as unique physical parameters.

This will meet the demands of cathode manufacturers.

In 2012, Albemarle expanded

its lithium-hydroxide capacity in the United States,

producing material of the highest quality.

In 2016 Albemarle acquired additional production capacity

for Lithium hydroxide in China.

Lithium suilfide

Albemarle is committed to support the development

of future battery technologies.

One of the key materials for an increased safety level

of batteries at a concurrent opportunity

for cost benefits are solid electrolytes.

Here, sulfide based materials

are currently the best performing ones.

Albemarle will serve the increasing demand

for this battery component and thus has expanded

its production capacities for the key compound,

lithium sulfide pure grade Li2S PG.

After a successful commissioning of the new production line

in our production site in Langelsheim, Germany,

Albemarle offers lithium sulfide pure grade (Li2S PG)

on a continuous basis from a pilot production plant.

Annual production capacity is in the range of MT-level.


The material has been designed to fulfill

the high requirements needed

for applications in lithium ion batteries.

The quality of Li2S from Albemarle is especially suitable

for a variety of processes and applications

in the energy storage sector

because of the unique product characteristics:

  • ultra low impurity profile
  • free flowing
  • easy to dose
  • high lot-to-lot consistency.

The high quality of the Li2S PG is monitored

by a complete set of analytical data.

This is to underline the low impurity level.

A specially designed control process in combination

with our established quality management

ensures the target quality.


LiBOB [Lithium bis-(oxalato)borate]

belongs to a family of thermally stable chelatoborate salts.

Unlike conventional fluorinated conductive salts

such as LiPF6 or LiBF4, non-toxic LiBOB works

as a multifunctional electrolyte component.

The low nucleophilicity of the BOB anion

leads to a high degree of dissociation

and an unusually high Li-ion transference number.

The halide free product can be employed

both as performance additive in

standard LiPF6 based electrolytes as well as

full conductive salt for lithium batteries.

Its unique film forming properties

cover and protect graphite anode surfaces.

Further benefits result from

its unique film-forming properties, which consists in

covering and protecting the graphite anode.

LiBOB builds up a thin, corrosion-inhibiting,

stable passivation layer on aluminum,

which is used as a current collector on the cathode.

Both effects will improve the durability and safety

of the entire battery.


The new quality advanced battery grade LiBOB abg

has improved filtration properties

to ease the electrolyte manufacturing process

while keeping unchanged superior electrochemical



  • Excellent performance vs.
    LiFePO4 and NMC type materials

  • Reduced leaching of Mn
    from spinel based cathode active materials

  • Improved overcharge protection

  • Higher safety against mechanical abuse

  • Extended operational lifetime at elevated temperature


  • Most advanced halogen-free
    performance additive available

  • High performance additive

  • high ionic conductivity combined
    with improved safety by protective SEI formation

  • Sufficient solubility in a large variety of solvents;
    EC is no longer mandatory
    for protective SEI formation

Lithium carbonate

Lithium carbonate, the first chemical

in the production chain, is the building block

for other lithium derivatives

and used in a great variety of applications, like

frits for the ceramic and enamel industries,

heat resistant glass, aluminum production,

pharmaceuticals, and lithium-ion batteries. 

Albemarle produces lithium carbonate at

La Negra, Antofagasta in Chile, and in

Nevada, USA,

based on naturally occurring lithium brines.

Apart from technical carbonate grades,

we produce lithium carbonate

as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)

under GMP conditions, as well as

lithium carbonate battery grade for the battery industry.

Lithium hydroxide

Lithium hydroxide, a strong base,

is mainly used as a reagent

in high-performance lithium greases,

dyes, and in lithium-ion batteries.

Albemarle produces lithium hydroxide technical grade

in the USA and Germany.

Our new plant in North Carolina, USA, is intended

to mainly serve the battery industry

as well as two plants in China.

Lithium chloride

Lithium chloride is a very hygroscopic salt

and used in fluxes, humidity control, and zeolites.

It is a raw material required

for the electrolysis of lithium metal.

Albemarle produces lithium chloride

in Chile, USA and Germany.


The major industrial application of butyllithium

is that of an anionic initiator

for the manufacture of 


polybutadiene and

butadiene/styrene copolymers,

all of which have gained considerable importance

to the rubber and plastics market.

Moreover, butyllithium has become a very valuable tool

in the organic synthesis of

active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs),

agrochemicals, and electronic materials.

Due to its strong base strength it can be used

as versatile reagents for the metalation

(deprotonation or metal-halogen exchange)

of organic substrates.


Spodumene is a white to greyish mineral

- chemically a lithium aluminum silicate LiAl(Si O6 ) -

occuring in granite pegmatites.

Albemarle's spodumene concentrates

contain up to 7.2% lithium oxide (lithia)

and have a low impurity profile.

This characteristic makes them especially suitable

as clean lithia source

for the glass and ceramics industry

and for metallurgical applications.

One of the largest spodumene comprising ore bodies

is located in Greenbushes, Western Australia,

where spodumene is mined from open pits.

This ore body is unique not only in size,

but also concerning the quality of the spodumene,

which is very low in iron content.

The ore, naturally containing up to 4.5% lithium oxide,

is processed via gravity, heavy media, flotation

and magnetic processes

into a range of spodumene concentrates

from 5.0 to 7.2% lithium oxide.

Further operating modes are employed to make products

that meet specific customer and application requirements.


Albemarle Corp. Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Albemarle Corporation)

Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB),

announced today that it has signed

an Exclusivity Agreement (Agreement) with 

Mineral Resources Limited (ASX: MIN) in relation to

the potential creation of a 50/50 joint venture (JV)

to own and operate the Wodgina hard rock lithium mine

and ultimately develop

an integrated lithium hydroxide operation

at the resource site.

Wodgina, located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia,

is a world-class hard rock lithium deposit,

with an estimated mine life of over 30 years.

The proposed JV, which remains subject to 

negotiation of definitive documents, would combine

Albemarle's world-class lithium production

and marketing expertise with Mineral Resources Limited's (MRL)

leading regional presence and mining capabilities.

Under the terms of the Agreement,

Albemarle would manage the marketing and sales

of lithium hydroxide produced

by the JV via Albemarle's long term agreement strategy. 

The purchase price for Albemarle's 50% interest

in the JV would be US$1.15 billion, which Albemarle expects

to fund with available cash and new credit facilities.

It is expected that the transaction

will be accretive to Albemarle's earnings.

The Agreement includes the following key provisions

and commercial terms:

  • Albemarle would acquire a 50% interest
    in all mineral rights within the Wodgina tenements,
    other than iron ore
    (which will be retained exclusively by MRL)
    and tantalum (which remain held by a third party),
    all fixed infrastructure and utility assets,
    the spodumene concentration plant
    and the mobile mining equipment.

  • The parties would jointly manage the JV,
    through a company to be owned
    in equal shares by the parties.

  • After construction and ramp-up of
    the spodumene concentration plant,
    the JV is expected to produce
    up to 750Ktpa of 6% spodumene concentrate
    from Wodgina which is planned
    to be used as feedstock
    to the future lithium hydroxide plant
    (outlined below).

  • The parties would jointly
    fund, design, build and operate
    a lithium hydroxide plant in stages
    at Wodgina utilizing Albemarle's core design.

    • The first stage, once fully commissioned,
      is expected to produce
      at least 50ktpa
      of battery grade lithium hydroxide.

      Construction would commence
      as soon as the necessary licenses and approvals
      are in place.

    • The second stage is expected
      to convert the remaining volume of
      spodumene concentrate
      to battery grade lithium hydroxide
      (subject to prevailing lithium market conditions
      at the time supporting this development),
      at which point the plant is expected
      to be producing
      at least 100Ktpa of lithium hydroxide.

  • An exclusivity period until December 14, 2018 
    (or such later period as the parties mutually agree)
    for the parties to agree upon
    and execute binding definitive documents.

While the above terms have been commercially agreed

and the Agreement is binding

in respect to the exclusivity period,

the parties will only become legally bound

to enter into the proposed joint venture upon execution

of definitive documents and board approval by the parties.

Completion of the transaction will be subject to

satisfaction of conditions of an administrative nature,

any regulatory approvals and any third party consents. 

Luke Kissam

Luke Kissam,

Albemarle's CEO

"This Agreement is consistent

  with our corporate strategy

  of pursuing M&A opportunities

  that can accelerate and de-risk

  our organic growth strategy,"

"We feel confident in leveraging

 this world-class lithium resource

 with an experienced and knowledgeable

 mining company like MRL

 to help meet the growing demands 

 of our global customers."


SOURCE Albemarle Corporation

Media Contact:

Hailey Quinn,

(980) 299-5640,;

Investor Relations Contact:

David Ryan,

(980) 299-5641,


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