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SIBUR to produce maleic anhydride with a planned capacity of 45ktpa for use in construction, agriculture, pharmaceutical, automobile and other industries, by chemwinfo

SIBUR to produce maleic anhydride with a planned capacity of 45ktpa for use  in construction, agriculture, pharmaceutical, automobile and other industries, by chemwinfo

14 December 2018



Maleic anhydride production technology

Maleic anhydride is a highly reactive colourless solid

widely used in the petrochemical industries for 

Unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), 

Fibreglass enriched resins,

1,4 Butanediol or BDO,

Lubricating oil additives,

Artificial sweeteners, Flavour enhancements

MAN market is in continues expansion,

presenting solid and constant growth

over the last 30 years due to its inherent application

 flexibilitysupply constraints, exacerbated

by a number of plant outages,

and higher consumption as consumers rebuilt inventories.

Conser, with over 30 years of experience

in the Maleic Anhydride production,

is able to deliver an extremely efficient process design,

guaranteeing the highest standard of product quality,

while reducing the operating

and capital costs investment needed. 



SIBUR has launched the construction of

a maleic anhydride (MAN) production facility

at SIBUR Tobolsk, Russia.

Maleic anhydride is used in

the construction, agriculture, automotive,

paint and varnish, furniture,

pharmaceutical and other industries.

It serves as feedstock for films, synthetic fibres,

pharmaceuticals, detergents, fuel components and oils.

Maleic anhydride improves the durability of end products,

enhances their waterproof properties,

resistance to temperature stress and mechanical impacts.

With a planned capacity is 45 ktpa, the facility

is scheduled to go online in 2021,

bringing new high-tech jobs to the market.

Maleic anhydride is currently  not produced in Russia

and domestic demand is covered by imports.

Launching the high-margin Maleic anhydride

will enable SIBUR to monetise its own feedstock (butane),

improve the hydrocarbon processing rate in Russia,

fully substitute Meleic anhydride imports,

and start Maleic anhydride exports

to Western and Eastern Europe and Turkey.

In addition, a state-of-the-art Russian maleic anhydride

production facility will provide new development opportunities 

for many domestic industries.

As part of the Tobolsk production site, the new facility

will enjoy ease of access to its infrastructure

and feedstock flows, gaining more competitive power.

SIBUR has engaged NIPIgaspererabotka,

a leading Russian centre for facility design, supply,

logistics and construction, to develop

the project engineering solutions.

Russian contractors, including those based

in the Tyumen Region,

will be selected for construction and installation.

MAN Project Manager

Vladimir Mishin

“We chose  CONSER as the licensor for the project

 thanks to its cutting-edge MAN production technology.

 State-of-the-art technology and unique equipment

 prevent negative impact on the environment.

 The secured approval of the design documents

 by the state expert review board

 and the results of the public discussions

 confirm that the project fully complies

 with environmental laws and regulations.”


International Media Relations

  • Anna Lebed 
  • Tel.: +7 (495) 937-17-26 
    Fax: +7 (495) 777-55-00
  • E-mail:


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