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BASF develops a new process to produce methanol without any greenhouse gas emissions, by chemwinfo

BASF develops a new process  to produce methanol  without any greenhouse gas emissions, by chemwinfo

24 May 2019



The production processes

of the most important basic chemicals

are responsible for around 70 percent

of the greenhouse gas emissions

in the chemical industry.

BASF experts are working intensely on

new technologies

to substantially reduce emissions in these processes.

The company has bundled all of this work

under the roof of its ambitious

Carbon Management Program.

One of the first visible successes in this area

has been achieved by a project team

which has applied to

patent a process

to produce methanol

without any greenhouse gas emissions.

If it can be successfully implemented

at an industrial scale,

the entire production process

– from syngas production to pure methanol –

will no longer release any carbon dioxide emissions.

Typically, methanol is made from syngas,

which until now has been primarily

obtained from natural gas

via a combination of steam

and autothermal reforming.

Using special catalysts, this can then be turned

into crude methanol, which can be further processed

after purification.

In the new BASF process, the syngas

is generated by partial oxidation of natural gas,

which does not cause any carbon dioxide emissions

and has proven to be advantageous

in a study jointly conducted with

Linde Engineering.

The subsequent process steps

– methanol synthesis and distillation –

can be carried out nearly unchanged.

Ingenuity was required to address

the merging and processing

of the waste gas streams

that arise during methanol synthesis and distillation

and which cannot be avoided even with

optimal process management.

These waste gas streams consisting of

methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide

and hydrogen are incinerated

in an Oxyfuel process with pure oxygen.

This results in a small volume of flue gas

with a maximum carbon dioxide content.

The flue gas is then scrubbed using

BASF’s proven OASE® process

for full recovery of the carbon dioxide.

To ensure that the carbon contained

in the carbon dioxide is not lost

and that it can be used again

for methanol synthesis,

the captured carbon dioxide is fed back

into the beginning of the process.

This does, however, require additional hydrogen,

which BASF also aims to produce

without any carbon dioxide emissions,

for example, via methane pyrolysis,

which is also being developed

in the Carbon Management research program.

The basic chemical methanol

is an important starting material

for many products in different BASF value chains.

Derived products such as

formaldehyde, acetic acid and methylamines

are very important in terms of volume.

Other important derivatives include

methyl tert-butyl ether, methyl methacrylate,

polyalcohols and silicones.

Methanol also serves as an energy supplier

and can be used as a raw material

for chemical conversion into other fuels

or fuel additives.

Aspects of the new CO2emission-free methanol synthesis process

were tested in a pilot plant at BASF’s subsidiary

hte GmbH in Heidelberg, Germany.

Project manager Dr. Maximilian Vicari and

hte expert Dr. Nakul Thakar are pleased to have solved challenges

that arose during

the activation of the catalyst and the operation of the plant. 

Project manager

Dr. Maximilian Vicari

from BASF’s Intermediates division

“We are optimistic that our climate-friendly approach

 will better adapt methanol synthesis

 to the requirements of the 21st century,”

“Nearly 100 years after the first industrial-scale production

 of this important basic chemical

 using BASF’s high-pressure process,

 we are now taking a leading role

 in writing the newest chapter

 in the history of methanol.”

Vicari expects it will be around 10 years

before this new process

is carried out in an industrial-scale plant.



67056 Ludwigshafen

Media Relations

Christian Böhme

Phone: +49 621 60-20130


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