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Chevron announces agreement to acquire Anadarko,The total enterprise value of the transaction is $50 billion., by chemwinfo

Chevron announces agreement to acquire Anadarko,The total enterprise value of the transaction is $50 billion., by chemwinfo

12 April 2019




  • Strategic fit that enhances
    Chevron’s advantaged portfolio

  • Provides $2 billion in anticipated
    annual operating cost and capital synergies

  • Accretive to free cash flow and earnings
    one year after close

  • Share repurchase annual target
    increases by 25 percent to $5 billion

Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) announced today

that it has entered into a definitive agreement with

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: APC)

to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Anadarko

in a stock and cash transaction

valued at $33 billion, or $65 per share.

Based on Chevron’s closing price on April 11th, 2019

and under the terms of the agreement,

Anadarko shareholders will receive

0.3869 shares of Chevron and $16.25 in cash

for each Anadarko share.

The total enterprise value of the transaction is $50 billion.

Transaction Benefits

Strong Strategic Fit: Anadarko’s assets will enhance

Chevron’s portfolio across a diverse set of asset classes,


Shale & Tight – The combination of the two companies

will create a 75-mile-wide corridor

across the most attractive acreage in the Delaware basin,

extending Chevron’s leading position

as a producer in the Permian.

Deepwater – The combination will enhance

Chevron's existing high-margin position

in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico (GOM),

where it is already a leading producer,

and extend its deepwater infrastructure network.

LNG – Chevron will gain another world-class resource base

in Mozambique to support growing LNG demand.

Area 1 is a very cost-competitive and

well-prepared greenfield project close to major markets.

Significant Operating and Capital Synergies:

The transaction is expected

to achieve run-rate cost synergies

of $1 billion before tax and capital spending reductions

of $1 billion within a year of closing.

Accretive to Free Cash Flow and EPS:

Chevron expects the transaction to be accretive

to free cash flow and earnings per share

one year after closing, at $60 Brent.

Opportunity to High-Grade Portfolio: Chevron plans

to divest $15 to $20 billion of assets

between 2020 and 2022.

The proceeds will be used to further

reduce debt and return additional cash to shareholders.

Increased Shareholder Returns:

As a result of higher expected free cash flow,

Chevron plans to increase its share repurchase rate

from $4 billion to $5 billion per year

upon closing the transaction.


Chevron’s Chairman and CEO

Michael Wirth

“This transaction builds strength on strength for Chevron,” 

“The combination of Anadarko’s premier, high-quality assets

 with our advantaged portfolio strengthens

 our leading position in the Permian,

 builds on our deepwater Gulf of Mexico capabilities

 and will grow our LNG business.

 It creates attractive growth opportunities in areas

 that play to Chevron’s operational strengths

 and underscores our commitment

 to short-cycle, higher-return investments.”

“This transaction will unlock significant value

 for shareholders, generating anticipated

 annual run-rate synergies of approximately $2 billion

 and will be accretive

 to free cash flow and earnings one year after close,


Anadarko Chairman and CEO

Al Walker

 “The strategic combination of Chevron and Anadarko

  will form a stronger and better company

  with world-class assets, people and opportunities,”

“I have tremendous respect for Mike

 and his leadership team and believe

 Chevron’s strategy, scale and operational capabilities

 will further accelerate the value of Anadarko’s assets.”



Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC is acting

as financial advisor to Chevron.

Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP

and Shearman & Sterling LLP are acting

as legal advisor to Chevron.

Evercore and Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC are acting

as financial advisors to Anadarko.

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and Vinson & Elkins LLP

are acting as legal advisors to Anadarko.




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พื้นที่โฆษณา  โทร. 08-3199-2888

พื้นที่โฆษณา  โทร. 08-3199-2888

พื้นที่โฆษณา  โทร. 08-3199-2888

พื้นที่โฆษณา  โทร. 08-3199-2888

พื้นที่โฆษณา  โทร. 08-3199-2888

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