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NET ZERO 2050 or Sooner by leading global companies by chemwinfo, June 2020

NET ZERO 2050 or Sooner by leading global companies by chemwinfo, June 2020

NET ZERO 2050 or Sooner updates

Announcements and Actions Progress

from leading companies

26 March 2021


Target of net zero CO2 emissions globally by 20501

BASF is setting itself even more ambitious goals

on its journey to climate neutrality

and wants

to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

BASF to replace fossil fuels with new technologies

BASF working on numerous flagship projects

Competitiveness must be maintained

Read more

Credit > BASF

23 March 2020

>Download SCG presentation

Credit > SCG

17 December 2020





Half the focus companies of Climate Action 100+

have now established commitments to reach

net-zero emissions by 2050 or sooner


Download Climate Action 100+ 2020 Progress Report

Link > Climate Action 100+

17 December 2020

It is estimated that the oil and gas industry

is responsible for around 53% of global emissions

when scope 3 emissions are included 2.

The most material emissions for this sector arise from:

• Product use by the end user –

  the burning of oil and gas for

  energy, transportation and industrial processes.

• Upstream emissions from extraction and drilling,

  flaring and fugitive emissions from venting and leaks.

• Midstream emissions from transportation.

• Downstream emissions including electricity use

  from processing of oil and gas into other products

The 39 oil and gas companies

on the Climate Action 100+ focus list

are a mix of upstream, midstream and downstream producers,

with a number of integrated energy companies


BP Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Chevron Corporation

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) Limited

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec)


Devon Energy Corporation

Ecopetrol Sa Enbridge Inc.

ENEOS Holdings Inc

Eni SpA


Exxon Mobil Corporation

Formosa Petrochemical


Imperial Oil

Kinder Morgan, Inc.

Lukoil OAO

Marathon Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum Corporation Oil & Natural Gas


Origin Energy

PetroChina Co. Ltd

Petróleo Brasileiro SA -


Phillips 66


Reliance Industries


Rosneft Oil Company

Royal Dutch Shell

Santos Limited

Sasol Limited

SK Innovation Co Ltd

Suncor Energy Inc.

TC Energy


Valero Energy Corporation

Woodside Energy

In 2020, several companies have made progress

toward meeting Climate Action 100+ requests:

• Repsol made a commitment to achieve

  net-zero emissions by 2050 covering scope 1 and 2,

  and part of its scope 3 emissions.

  The company was

  the first oil and gas company

  to commit to scope 3 targets.1

• BP, Shell, OMV AG and Total2 made commitments

  to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

  including scope 1 and 2 emissions,

  and some coverage of scope 3 emissions.3

• ENEOS became

 the first oil and gas company in Asia

  to set netzero emissions goals by 2040.

• PetroChina developed a climate change strategy

  signalling the company’s intention

  to align its climate policy

  with the goals of the Paris Agreement,

  and pledged a 'near-zero' emissions target by 2050.

• Woodside Energy, ConocoPhillips and Enbridge

  made commitments to achieve

 net-zero operational emissions by 2050.

• Occidental Petroleum set an

  operational net-zero by 2040 target

  and expressed ambition for

  net-zero associated with the use of its products by 2050

Download Climate Action 100+ 2020 Progress Report

Link > Climate Action 100+

16 December 2020

bp has acquired a majority stake in

carbon offset developer Finite Carbon,

building on its existing interest in the company.

Finite Carbon is the largest developer of forest carbon offsets

in the US.

bp will bring the firm into

its in-house business accelerator,

bp Launchpad.

Together with bp’s additional investment,

this is expected to bolster Finite Carbon’s expansion,

including into new geographical markets.

Finite Carbon identifies and develops projects

that enable landowners

to generate revenue from

the protection, restoration,

and sustainable management of forests.

These actions increase carbon stored in forests

and generate carbon offsets that are verified

against industry-recognized standards

and can be traded on markets.





Until now, small landowners have been unable
to participate in the carbon market.

That is about to change.

With our free digital platform, landowners will be able
to receive payments for sustainable management
that removes carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

By leveraging mapping technologies
and our user-friendly online enrollment process,
small landowners, families, and land trusts
are now able to enroll all or a portion of their land holdings
to receive carbon offset revenue.

10 December 2020

bp to supply more renewable energy for AWS data centres.

bp and Amazon have agreed

to extend their longstanding relationship,

with bp to supply additional renewable energy

to power Amazon’s operations,

and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

enabling the acceleration of bp’s programme

to digitise its infrastructure and operations.

In a new series of clean power agreements,

bp has agreed to more than triple the renewable power

that it will supply Amazon in Europe.

bp will supply Amazon with an additional 404MW

of wind power in Europe, starting in 2022 -

275MW sourced from a new wind project in Sweden

and 129MW from two new wind projects in Scotland.

This is in addition to the companies’ December 2019

agreement for bp to supply AWS in Europe

with around 170MW of renewable power



On 4 December 2019,

BP signs sustainable energy agreements

with Amazon Web Services


12 December 2020

UN Secretary-General's remarks

at the Climate Ambition Summit



‘State of Climate Emergency’

The UN Secretary-General kicked off proceedings,

with a speech that echoed many of the themes

he covered earlier in the month, and declaring

a State of Climate Emergency,

until carbon neutrality has been reached worldwide.

The central objective of the UN in 2021, he said,

will be to build a truly global coalition

for carbon neutrality by the middle of the century.

Ending on a positive note, Mr. Guterres noted

that more countries are committing to zero emissions,

cities are becoming more liveable,

and mindsets are shifting in the right way.

“Let’s stop the assault on our planet”, he implored,

“and do what we need to guarantee

the future of our children and grandchildren”.

You can read the full speech here.

That is why today, I call on

all leaders worldwide

to declare

a State of Climate Emergency

in their countries

until carbon neutrality is reached.



September 2020 

Total Getting to NET ZERO

Announcements from leading companies
DOW..June 2020

Dow intends to be carbon neutral by 2050,

in alignment with the Paris Agreement.

The Company is committed to

implementing and advancing technologies

to manufacture products using fewer resources

and that help customers reduce their carbon footprints.

>>Protecting our Climate

>>Accerelating sustainability commitments

Total..5 May 2020



Supporting EU’s carbon neutrality target,
Total commits to become a Net Zero Emission
Company for all its European Businesses by 2050

Total announces today its ambition

to get to net-zero emissions by 2050 together

with society for its global business

across its production and energy products

used by its customers..

Through a joint statement developed

between Total S.A. and institutional investors

– as participants in the global investor initiative Climate 100+1 –

Total takes 3 major steps towards achieving this ambition: 

Three major steps to get Total to Net Zero:

  1. Net Zero across Total’s worldwide operations
    by 2050 or sooner (scope 1+2)

  2. Net Zero across
    all its production and energy products used by
    its customers in Europe2  by 2050 or sooner (scope 1+2+3)

  3. 60% or more reduction
    in the average carbon intensity of energy products
    used worldwide by Total customers by 2050
    (less than 27.5 gCO2/MJ) -
    with intermediate steps of 15% by 2030
    and 35% by 2040 (scope 1 + 2 + 3)

1 According to Total evaluation,
participants to Climate Action 100+
own more than 25% of Total’s shares.

2 Europe means the EU + Norway + UK

This ambition is supported by the strategy

to develop Total as a broad-energy company,

with oil and gas, low-carbon electricity

and carbon-neutrality solutions

as integrated parts of its business.

Total firmly believes this low-carbon strategy provides

a competitive advantage

which creates long term value for its shareholders.

This strategy is already in action since 2015

as Total is the leading major in terms of

reduction of its scope 3 average carbon intensity with

a 6% reduction already achieved since 2015.

Patrick Pouyanné,

in his capacity as Chairman of the Board, declared:

Energy markets are changing, driven by

 climate change, technology and societal expectations.

Total is committed to helping solve

the dual challenge of providing more energy

with fewer emissions.

We are determined to advance the energy transition

while also growing shareholder value.

Today, we are announcing

our new Climate Ambition to get to Net Zero by 2050

- together with society.

The Board believes that Total’s global roadmap, strategy

and actions set out a path

that is consistent with goals of the Paris agreement.

We acknowledge the positive role of engagement

and open dialog with investors

as the one we experienced with

Climate 100+ along the last months.

We recognize that the trust of

our shareholders, and society more widely,

is essential to Total remaining

an attractive and reliable long-term investment.

And only by remaining a world-class investment

can we most effectively play our part

in advancing a low carbon future.

This is the reason why our people are already

in action across Total,

seeking opportunities to reduce our emissions,

improve our products and develop

new low-carbon businesses”.

Regarding the commitment to become

a net-zero energy business in Europe,

he commented:

As the EU has set the target

 to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

 and thereby lead the way for other regions

 to become carbon neutral over time,

 Total takes that commitment to become neutral

 for all its businesses in Europe2.

At the time where Total elects to adopt

the status of a European company,

Total wants to be

an exemplary European corporate Citizen

and offers its active support

for the EU to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Total will work together with other businesses

to enable decarbonization of energy use”. 

Total confirms its target of

a renewable generation gross capacity of 25 GW in 2025

and will continue to expand its business

to become a leading international player

in renewable energies.

Total currently allocates more than

10% of its Capex to low carbon electricity,

the highest level among the Majors.

To actively contribute to the energy transition,

Total will further increase its allocation of Capex

in favor of low carbon electricity to 20% by 2030 or sooner.

The attached link allows access to the Joint Statement: 

Original Joint Statement.

And today it sets the highest ambition amongst the majors for

its scope 3 average carbon intensity
with less than
 27.5 GCO2/MJ by 2050.

Total Contacts :

Net-zero emissions EU 2050
SHELL...April 2020

In tackling climate change, the focus is increasingly on

limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5° Celsius.

Shell supports this ambition.

For society to achieve a 1.5° Celsius future, the world is likely to need

to stop adding to the stock of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

– a state known as net-zero emissions –

by around 2060.

Advanced parts of the world are likely to need to reach that point by 2050.

That is why 

Shell has set itself an ambition to become, by 2050 or sooner,

a net-zero emissions energy business, in step with society.

We will work towards this in three ways.

Firstly, by seeking to be net zero on all the emissions

from the manufacture of all our products by 2050 at the latest.

This ambition includes the emissions created by our operations

and also those associated with the energy we consume.

These are known as scope one and two emissions.

But the bulk of the emissions are our customers’ emissions

when they use our products, known as scope three emissions.

Read more


BP..12 Feb 2020
Chief executive officer Bernard Looney
answers three key questions on bp’s net zero ambition

1. Does this mean bp is getting out of oil and gas? 


What I can tell you is we will increasingly focus

our investments on the highest quality barrels

and drive returns and cash flow, not production volumes.

And with that, you can expect oil and gas production

to decline gradually over time.

Does that mean you will be

producing and refining hydrocarbons in 2050?


Yes – very likely.


Does that mean you will be producing

and refining less of them by 2050?


Yes – and our aim is that any residual hydrocarbons

will be decarbonized.

And in a world that is serious about net zero,

they will have to be.

But we can only reimagine energy if we are financially strong,

able to pay the dividend our owners depend on –

and generate the cash needed

to invest in

new low and no carbon businesses.

2.Are you committing more capital
to non-oil and gas activities?

Yes, we will, over time.


But the goal is not just to spend more money,

it is to invest wisely –

into businesses that will make a difference to the world.


Businesses we can develop at scale…


In areas where we have unique capabilities…


And where we can deliver competitive returns.


We don’t plan to commit to an arbitrary or pre-set number.


But make no mistake, we aim to invest

more and more in low carbon businesses over time –

and less and less in oil and gas.

3.Where are the near-term targets
to back up your long-term ambition? 

I appreciate you want more than a vision –

you want to see milestones,

near-term targets, some ways to measure progress.


We do not have those for you right now.


But we will have more to say in September

when we announce our new strategy,

and in the months and years to come.


I will say this now though –

we don’t expect progress to be a straight line.


But make no mistake…


The direction is set.


We are heading for net zero.


There is no turning back.

On 12 February 2020 bp set a new ambition
to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner,
and to help the world get to net zero

Read more

>Link to BP Reimagining energy, reinventing BP

Repsol..Dec 2019

Start : June 2020


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