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World Chemical News 2021 by chemwinfo

World Chemical News 2021 by chemwinfo

World Chemical News 2021 by chemwinfo

22 December 2021

Methanex posts

regional contract methanol prices

for Europe, North America, Asia and China.


(Valid January 1, 2022 - January 31, 2022)
Asian Posted Contract Price USD 500/MT
Posted December 22, 2021

Methanol as s Marine Fuel by Methanex

Credit > Methanex

20 December 2021

Covestro and energy provider EnBW

have signed a long-term corporate

power purchase agreement (PPA)

for solar-generated electricity.

Under the agreement,

Covestro has secured 63 megawatts (MW)

of capacity from EnBW’s 187 MW

“Weesow-Willmersdorf” solar farm

in Brandenburg, Germany.

The EnBW-operated solar array

is the biggest of its kind in Germany

and has been implemented

without any subsidy

under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act.

This agreement with Covestro is

the first PPA for the project.

The solar power will be deployed

at the german Covestro sites

in Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen

for 15 years from the beginning of 2022.

The company will use the renewable energy

there primarily for the production

of more sustainable, mass-balanced plastics

manufactured in

a so-called drop-in process

using alternative raw materials.

Car headlamp
The polycarbonate Makrolon® RE is used, among other things,
in the automotive industry for the production of car headlamps.
© Covestro

These include mass-balanced polycarbonates

and mass-balanced thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Water filter
Thermoplastic polyurethanes from the Desmopan® product series are used,
among other things, in the manufacture of household products.
© Covestro


Credit > Covestro

16 December 2021

A Solvay facility in India to power over

half of its electricity needs through solar energy

Thanks to a new Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA)

signed with India’s largest solar power producer,

over half of the electricity needs

of Solvay’s production facility in Roha, Maharashtra 

will be covered by a brand-new solar power plant

starting next year, avoiding

an estimated 3.9 kilotons of CO2 emissions each year.


Credit > Solvay

15 December 2021

MEGlobal today announced that

its Asian Contract Price (ACP)

for monoethylene glycol (MEG)

will be US$850/MT CFR Asian main ports

for arrival January 2022.

The January 2022 ACP reflects

the short term supply/demand situation

in the Asian market.

About MEGlobal

For more information on the company,


13 December 2021

W. R. Grace & Co.,

the leading independent supplier of

polyolefin catalyst technology, polypropylene

(PP) process technology, and technology services,


the successful start-up of

two 400 KTA UNIPOL PP process technology lines

at Oriental Energy in Ningbo, China.

This brings the total UNIPOL PP operating capacity

in China to more than 6.3 million tons per annum

in the last twelve years making

homopolymer, random and impact copolymers

to serve the growing market

for high performance plastics in China.

As of today, we expect another 2 million tons

per annum to come on stream

in the next few years

from UNIPOL PP Process Technology in China.


Grace has licensed its UNIPOL® PP process technology

to Oriental Energy for its Maoming, China, plant.

This is Oriental Energy’s fifth polypropylene line,

and its fourth using

Grace’s UNIPOL® PP process technology

with a production capacity of 400 KTA.

READ MORE 7 December 2021

Grace is pleased to announce that

its UNIPOL® PP technology

licensee, Braskem,

has successfully completed one year

of commercial production at its newest,

world-class 450 KTA polypropylene production line

in La Porte, Texas.

READ MORE 4 November 2021

Grace has licensed its UNIPOL® PP process technology

to GAIL (India) Ltd,

India’s principal gas transmission and marketing company

under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

The 500 KTA polypropylene plant,

located in Usar, Maharastra, India, will be

the first PDH and PP plant in India.

It is also

the largest single-line UNIPOL® PP process technology

capacity that Grace has licensed in India.

READ MORE 16 September 2021

Engro Corporation Limited (Engro)

has in-principle agreed with W.R. Grace & Co.

to use its UNIPOL® PP Process Technology

for the Company’s proposed 750KTA PDH-PP plant

in Karachi, Pakistan.

READ MORE 19 May 2021

Grace Licenses UNIPOL® PP Process Technology

to Sinochem Hongrun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. 

READ MORE 19 April 2021

Credit > WR Grace

7 December 2021

Abu Dhabi Chemicals Derivatives Company RSC Ltd

(“TA’ZIZ”) and

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL),

have agreed to launch


a world-scale chemical production partnership

at the TA’ZIZ Industrial Chemicals Zone in Ruwais.

The new joint-venture will construct and operate

a Chlor-Alkali, Ethylene Dichloride (EDC)

and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) production facility,

with an investment of more than $2 billion.

Representing the first production of these chemicals

in the UAE, the project will enable

the substitution of imports and

the creation of new local value chains,

while also meeting growing demand

for these chemicals globally.

The TA’ZIZ Industrial Chemicals Zone

is a joint venture between

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and ADQ



Credit > ADNOC

Credit > RIL

1 December 2021

Celanese Corporation today announced

it has completed the acquisition of

the Santoprene™ TPV elastomers business

of Exxon Mobil Corporation.

The Company announced the acquisition of

the Santoprene™ business in June 2021

for a total purchase price of $1.15 billion.

As part of the transaction,

Celanese has acquired the following:

  • Santoprene™, Dytron™, and Geolast™
    trademarks and product portfolios

    Customer and supplier contracts and agreements

  • Two world-scale production facilities
    in Pensacola, Florida, U.S. and
    Newport, Wales, U.K.
    with over 190 kt of total annual production capacity

  • Comprehensive TPV intellectual property portfolio
    with associated technical and R&D assets

  • Approximately 320 highly-skilled employees
    including world-class manufacturing, technical,
    and commercial organizations


Credit > Celanese

18 November 2021

BASF to sell its kaolin minerals business to KaMin.

BASF and KaMin LLC. / CADAM S.A. (KaMin)

have signed an agreement to sell

BASF’s kaolin minerals business to KaMin,

a global performance minerals company

headquartered in Macon, Georgia, United States.

Currently, the kaolin minerals business is part of

BASF’s Performance Chemicals division.

Pending approval by

the relevant merger control authorities,

closing of the transactionis expected

in the second half of 2022


Thomas Nonnast
Corporate Media Relations

Matthias Bartmann
Trade Media

Dr. Stefanie Wettberg

Senior Vice President Investor Relations

Credit > BASF SE

Media Contact: Eve London

What Is Kaolin

It is one of the most common minerals on earth

and can be easily identified

by its fine particle size and plate-like structure.

The world's largest reserves of premium kaolin

are located in the United States and Brazil.

Credit > Kaminllc

11 November 2021

BASF and Ørsted have concluded

a 25-year fixed-price corporate

power purchase agreement (CPPA),

under which BASF will offtake

the output of 186 megawatts from Ørsted’s planned

Borkum Riffgrund 3 Offshore Wind Farm

in the German North Sea.

The power purchase agreement will help cover

the increased electricity needs

of low-emission technologies for BASF

and is a step towards

BASF’s ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.


Credit > BASF

9 November 2021

Lummus and Braskem Partner

to License Technology

for Two Green Ethylene Projects.

Lummus and Braskem execute MoU

for joint licensing two projects of leading technology

to produce green ethylene from ethanol

based on Braskem’s process operated

at their plant in Triunfo, Brazil.

The MOU is for the licensing of

Braskem’s green ethylene technology

for two ethanol to ethylene

conversion projects

under development

in North America and Asia,

signaling a global interest in the technology.


Credit > Lummus Technology

8 November 2021

>>ExxonMobil Third Quarter 2021 Results

ExxonMobil to invest in petrochemical complex in China

ExxonMobil has made a final investment decision

to proceed with

a multi-billion dollar chemical complex

in the Dayawan Petrochemical Industrial Park

in Huizhou, Guangdong Province in China.

The facility will help meet

expected demand growth

for performance chemical products in China.

Construction is underway on the greenfield project,

which includes

a flexible feed steam cracker,

three performance polyethylene lines,

and two differentiated performance polypropylene lines.

The steam cracker will have a nameplate capacity

of approximately 1.6 million metric tons per year.


Credit > ExxonMobil

2 November 2021

LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB),

the world’s largest licensor of polyolefin technologies,

today announced

Lianyungang Petrochemical Co., Ltd

(a company of Zhejiang Satellite) has again selected

LyondellBasell’s Hostalen

“Advanced Cascade Process” (Hostalen ACP) technology

for a second 400 kiloton (kt) per year

high density polyethylene (HDPE) plant.

The new facility will be built

at Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China.


Credit> LYB

28 October 2021

SIBUR reports Q3 and 9M 2021 IFRS results

Highlights for Q3 2021:

  • Revenue of RUB 223.4 bln,
    up 11.2% quarter-on-quarter

  • EBITDA of RUB 107.2 bln,
    up 11.1% quarter-on-quarter

  • Adjusted net profit of RUB 72.5 bln,
    up 15.4% quarter-on-quarter

  • Net debt on 30 September 2021 of RUB 359.8 bln,
    up from RUB 334.7 bln on 30 June 2021

  • Net debt to EBITDA (in both RUB and USD)
    decreased over the quarter to 1.1x



>> VIEW SIBUR COMPANY Presentation

Credit > SIBUR

International Media Relations
  • Anna Lebed
  • Tel.: +7 (495) 937-17-26
    Fax: +7 (495) 777-55-00
  • E-mail:

26 October 2021

Over 10 years, IVL has achieved

a 100x increase in recycled PET

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL),

a world-class sustainable chemical company,

launches its 10th annual Sustainability Report

and a video celebrating

a decade of ambitious PET recycling

and carbon reduction milestones.

The company is committed to intensifying

its drive towards ending plastic waste

and a more circular economy in the decade ahead.

Since its first Sustainability Report in 2011,

IVL has grown its sustainability initiatives

through the 3Ps – People, Planet and Prosperity.

From the baseline in 2013, the company achieved a

10% reduction in GHG intensity,

4% in energy intensity and

7% in water intensity.

It also increased total waste diverted from landfill

from 48% to 84% in 2020. Moreover,

IVL’s global PET recycling capacity

has improved almost 100 times

from 3,576 tons per year in 2011 –

the first entry of IVL to the PET recycling business –

to more than 330,000 tons per year

in the second quarter of 2021.


Credit > Indorama Ventures

18 October 2021

_OCB3104 (1).JPG_OCB3104 (1).JPG

INEOS green hydrogen project accelerates

towards net-zero future in Germany by 2045

INEOS through its subsidiary INOVYN have announced plans

to build a large-scale, 100MW electrolyser

to produce green hydrogen at the Koln site in Germany.

The project forms part of more than €2bn investment

in Green Hydrogen announced by INEOS earlier this week.

Hydrogen from the new unit would be used

in the production of green ammonia.

The complete project will result in

a reduction of carbon emissions

at Koln by more than 120,000 tonnes per year.


Credit > INEOS

18 October 2021

INEOS High Res-101.jpgINEOS High Res-101.jpg

INEOS to take leading role in the hydrogen revolution

with launch of hydrogen campaign

INEOS, Europe’s biggest operator of electrolysis

needed to produce clean, low carbon hydrogen,

has doubled down on its €2 billion investment

in green hydrogen

with the launch of a hydrogen advocacy campaign.

The campaign kicked off with the publication

of a powerful editorial in the Sunday Telegraph

on the hydrogen economy

written by

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, INEOS’s founder and chairman.

“We believe that hydrogen is the fuel of the future

  and INEOS is determined to take a leading role

  in its development.

When used in a fuel cell, hydrogen only produces water

and is the UK’s best chance of reaching

its carbon reduction targets”.


Credit > INEOS

6 October 2021

Dow announces plan to build

world's first net-zero carbon emissions ethylene

and derivatives complex.


Fort Saskatchewan site selected due to

availability of carbon capture infrastructure, c

ompetitive feedstocks

and attractive government partnerships

Investment will advance Dow’s commitments

to reduce carbon emissions,

reaching ~30% by 2030,

on the path to carbon neutrality by 2050



>>VIEW DOW Q3/2021

Credit > Dow

24 September 2021

SIBUR and TAIF finalise terms of merger

SIBUR and TAIF have entered into

an agreement finalising

the creation of a combined entity

that will leverage

the facilities of PJSC SIBUR Holding

and create

the largest petrochemical company in Russia

and one of the biggest in the world.


Credit > SIBUR

Credit > TAIF

22 September 2021

Huntsman Implements Natural Gas Surcharge

on MDI Sales in Europe


View Huntsman Investor Presentation Q3 2021

Credit > Huntsman

17 August 2021

Indorama announces an acquisition of

high value-added business in Americas


Creating a Unique Surfactants Portfolio

with Sustainable Competitive Advantages


Credit > IVL

5 August 2021

BASF and SINOPEC to further expand

their Verbund site in Nanjing, China.

The partners will expand

the production capacities of

propionic acid,

propionic aldehyde,


ethanolamines and purified ethylene oxide,

and build

a new tert-butyl acrylate plant.

The tert-butyl acrylate plant will be an extension

to the downstream

using acrylic acid and isobutene

of the existing Verbund as feedstock,

which marks the first time

this advanced production technology

is applied outside of Germany.

The expanded and new plants are planned

to come on stream in 2023.


Credit >  BASF Global

4 August 2021

LG Chem begins the first export of Bio-balanced SAP

LG Chem announced on the 4th that it mass-produced

the world’s first

‘Bio-balanced’ SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)

that received ISCC Plus international certification

and shipped its first exports.

Bio-balanced SAP refers to SAP  attributed

to renewable raw materials

such as waste and residue oils and fats

it is a product that received ISCC Plus certification from ISCC,

which is one of the most reputable certification authorities

in the world for renewable products.

Furthermore, it is the first case that applied

the eco-friendly integrated brand ‘LETZero’

that LG Chem recently launched.

This product, which was shipped from the Yeosu Plant,

will be delivered to ‘Baby Life’,

a client of LG Chem located in Jordan,

and be used for making diapers, etc.


The first export of the Bio-balanced SAP

was made possible as the interests between LG Chem,

which is focusing on carbon-neutral

and resource circulation activities

as part of its sustainability strategy,

and the client, which intends

to expand application of eco-friendly materials

in hygienic products such as diapers, fit each other.

The production of the Bio-balanced SAP

takes place in the context of the strategic partnership (MOU)

LG Chem entered into last year with Neste,

the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel

and sustainable aviation fuel,

and a forerunner as a provider of renewable

and circular solutions for the petrochemical industry.

This partnership provides the foundation for LG Chem

to receive a stable supply of renewable hydrocarbons

needed for manufacturing renewable polymer

and chemical products, and since July,

it began full-fledged production of Bio-balanced SAP. 

LG Chem is spurring to launch

a total of 9 Bio-balanced products

that received ISCC Plus certification including

SAP such as

PO (Polyolefin),

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), and

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) within the year,

and to pioneer the related markets.

The number of ISCC Plus certified products

will be expanded to more than 30 within this year.

Upon performing a Life Cycle Assessment(LCA),

it was determined that LG Chem’s Bio-balanced SAP

leads to a significant decrease of 111%

in greenhouse gas emissions

compared to existing fossil-fuel based products

and the assessment has been verified by

the Korean Society for Life Cycle Assessment (KSLCA).

LCA includes the production process of raw materials,

and so in the case of bio materials,

greenhouse gas emissions are calculated

by also considering carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption by plant.

This makes it possible to achieve

climate-positive LCA results

and thereby allows for a reduction of more than 100%.

LG Chem’s strategy is

to objectively digitize the carbon mitigation effectper product

to enhance customer reliability on bio-balanced products,

while actively leading the eco-friendly certified product market.

Kug Lae Noh, Executive Vice President

and the President of Petrochemicals Company from LG Chem

“This is very meaningful in that it is the starting point

 for a full-fledged shift in the product portfolio

 toward eco-friendly materials in the petrochemicals business”.


Credit > LG Chem

2 August 2021

INEOS Enterprises completes the sale of its

Sulphur Chemicals business

to International Chemical Investors Group

The business will become part of

the WeylChem Group of Companies,

the fine chemicals platform

owned by the International Chemical Investors Group.

The combined business, which includes

an existing sulphuric acid and oleum plant

in Lamotte, Northern France,

will become one of the leading European

Sulphur Chemicals companies.

INEOS Sulphur Chemicals business is

Spain’s largest dedicated manufacturer

of sulphuric acid and oleum

serving end-applications

ranging from agriculture to chemical intermediates.

Its 400,000 tonne state of the art manufacturing facility

with an excellent sustainability footprint

is located in Bilbao, Northern Spain.

The business will become part of

WeylChem’s advanced intermediates

and reagents portfolio which includes

an existing sulphuric acid and oleum plant

located in Lamotte, Northern France.

WeylChem is wholly owned by

the International Chemical Investors Group.


Credit > INEOS

Credit > WeylChem

About ICIG

International Chemical Investors

is a privately owned industrial group

with total sales of EUR 2 billion.

ICIG is focusing on three main platforms:

Pharmaceuticals under the CordenPharma brand,

Fine Chemicals under the WeylChem brand and

Chlorovinyls under the Vynova brand.

Since its inception in 2004, ICIG has grown

to operate more than 20 independent chemicals

and pharmaceutical businesses, all of which have origins

in major global chemical or pharmaceutical corporations.

Today, ICIG companies employ approximately 5,685 employees

and operate more than 25 manufacturing facilities

in Europe and the United States.

For more information, visit 

to learn more.

30 July 2021

LyondellBasell Reports Second Quarter 2021 Earnings

Second Quarter 2021 Highlights

Net Income: $2.1 billion

Cash from operating activities: $1.9 billion

Bob Patel, LyondellBasell CEO

"LyondellBasell is benefiting from

  a series of value driven growth investments

  coming to fruition

  in an exceptional market environment. 

  Our investments in growth and sustainability

  should enable the company

  to continue establishing new benchmarks

  for profitability and provide a step change

  in the power of our cash generation. 

  We remain committed to strengthening

  our investment grade balance sheet

  and expect to reduce our net debt

  by up to $4 billion in 2021.    

  LyondellBasell is emerging

  from the pandemic stronger

  and is well positioned

  to continue capturing opportunities

  through all stages of the business cycle,"


Credit > LyondellBasell

12 July 2021

Cycle for sustainable plastics

Carbon-containing gases from steel production

as a source of raw materials

The objective is to explore

the use of carbon monoxide (CO)

from steel industry metallurgical gases

for the production of high-quality polycarbonates.

Covestro has now commissioned a mini-plant

for this purpose at its Dormagen site.

This is where it is tested whether

the quality of the CO from metallurgical gases

is sufficient for further processing.

The innovative process has great sustainability potential:

Initial life cycle analyses show

that around 0.48 kilograms of CO₂ equivalent

can be saved per kilogram of CO provided

in the steel industry-chemical industry alliance.

This means savings of more than 80 percent.


Credit > Covestro

6 July 2021

BASF and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice

to sell Solenis to Platinum Equity

Enterprise value of $5.25 billion for Solenis,
   which includes net debt of around $2.5 billion

 BASF holds 49% of the shares in Solenis;
   51% of the shares are held by
   Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and the Solenis management

 Closing of the transaction expected
   before the end of 2021


Credit > BASF Global

Credit > Solenis

29 June 2021

BASF to build new battery recycling prototype plant

in Schwarzheide, Germany

Use of innovative technology

for extracting lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese

from end-of-life lithium-ion batteries

and production scrap

Ensure start-up success for future commercial plants

to enable a circular economy

for the battery value chain


Credit > BASF Global

15 June 2021

New photovoltaic rooftop array to provide power

to Borealis location in Monza, Italy



Borealis Quentys™ technology used

in photovoltaic modules made by

Waaree Energies,

India’s largest module maker

Monza is first of several on-site solar projects

planned to generate renewable electricity

for Borealis production operations in the future

Borealis moves another step in its journey towards

sourcing 50% of electricity

from renewable sources by 2030


Credit > Borealisgroup

Credit > WAAREE

8 June 2021

LyondellBasell Announces Startup

of 400 KTA / year South Korean Joint Venture Facility

LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB) today announced

the successful startup of

Ulsan PP Co., Ltd.’s

400 kiloton per annum (KTA) polypropylene

production facility.

The facility, located in the southeastern port city

of Ulsan, South Korea, is one of

the largest of its kind in Asia.

Ulsan PP Co., Ltd., is a joint venture between

PolyMirae Company Ltd.,

(a 50:50 partnership of LyondellBasell

and DL Chemical) and SK Advanced.

The facility uses LyondellBasell’s fifth generation 

Spheripol PP process technology.

Under the joint venture agreement,

PolyMirae will offtake and sell

all polypropylene produced by the facility

to customers throughout Asia.

The companies broke ground on the facility in 2019.


Credit > LyondellBasell

27 May 2021

IVL Acquisition of PET Recycling Assets in Texas, USA

Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited

would like to inform that in connection

with an auction conducted pursuant to

the authority of, and governed by

the rules established by,

the Bankruptcy Court in the District of Delaware, USA,

IVL has been selected as

the winning bidder

to acquire

the Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) assets of

CarbonLite Holdings LLC

and its subsidiaries in Texas, USA

(collectively referred to as “CarbonLite”).

CarbonLite is a significant rPET producer in USA

(currently under Chapter 11 of the United States

 Bankruptcy Code) with long standing relationships

with major brands.

The assets to be acquired are located in

Dallas, Texas, USA with a combined capacity

of approx. 92 kilotons per annum, consisting of

48 kilotons of rPET pellets and

44 kilotons of flakes.

This proposed recycling acquisition opportunity

would facilitate IVL coming closer to

its rPET commitment of 750 kilotons per annum by 2025.


Credit > IVL

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17 May 2021

Kraton Corporation (NYSE: KRA),

a leading global sustainable producer

of specialty polymers and high-value bio-based products

derived from pine wood pulping co-products,

announces a general price increase of

20% across its CTO Refinery products and derivatives. 

Pine Chemicals Overview

This increase will be effective June 1st, 2021,

and/or subject to the terms of

any applicable contracts and obligations. 



Credit > Kraton

12 May 2021


LANXESS is raising its guidance for the full year 2021

following a good first quarter:

The specialty chemicals company now expects

EBITDA pre exceptionals of

between EUR 950 million and EUR 1 billion.

Previously, the company had assumed earnings

of between EUR 900 million and EUR 1 billion.


Credit > LANXESS

11 May 2021

LanzaTech and BASF achieve first milestone

in utilizing

industrial off-gases for chemical production.

LanzaTech and BASF have achieved

a key first success:

With the help of special bacteria,

they have been able to produce


at laboratory scale from

carbon monoxide and hydrogen,

the main components of emissions,

e.g. from the steel industry.

n-octanol is an important molecule

that is used in cosmetics, among other uses.


Credit > BASF

Credit > LanzaTech

5 May 2021

Solvay to phase out coal for energy use

in Rheinberg soda ash plant

Part of the Solvay One Planet strategic roadmap,

the Rheinberg plant's coal exit will establish

a new global sustainability reference

for soda ash production worldwide.

After commissioning a first biomass boiler,

which will go into operation in May 2021,

Solvay is unveiling plans

to build a second biomass boiler,

which will complete

the thermal coal phase-out by 2025

and make Rheinberg the first soda ash plant

in the world to be powered primarily

by renewable energy.

Both biomass boilers use scrap waste wood chips

- a mixture of used wood,

from industrial residues and demolition

- as fuel to produce steam and electricity.


Credit > Solvay

3 May 2021


Trinseo Completes

Acquisition of Arkema’s PMMA Business

Close of acquisition marks a major step

in Trinseo’s transformation

to becoming an advanced specialty and

sustainable solutions provider

A compelling strategic fit that

will accelerate transformation

This acquisition serves as a catalyst

for helping Trinseo transform

into a higher margin, less cyclical solutions provider.

The transformative nature of the transaction

will accelerate investments in growth opportunities

for Trinseo’s Engineered Materials business globally;


Credit > Trinseo

3 May 2021

Lufthansa Group and BASF roll out sharkskin technology

Now Lufthansa Technik and BASF

have succeeded in making the breakthrough

as part of a joint project.


a surface film that mimics

the fine structure of a shark’s skin,

is to be rolled out on

Lufthansa Cargo’s entire freighter fleet

from the beginning of 2022,

making the aircraft more economical

and reducing emissions.


Credit > BASF

3 May 2021

Arkema finalizes the divestment of its PMMA business

The divested business,

which employs some 860 people

and operates 7 production sites

(4 in Europe and 3 in North America),

will thus be joining Trinseo,

a company specialized in

the production of plastics, synthetic rubber

and latex binders.

The net proceeds of the divestment,

based on an enterprise value of €1,137 million,

will take into account a capital gains tax

estimated at around 15% of this amount.

The Group thus takes another major step

in its transformation,

with the ambition to become a pure player

in sustainable and innovative Specialty Materials

by 2024, focused on

the three complementary segments of

Adhesive Solutions,

Advanced Materials

and Coating Solutions.

Credit > Arkema

Credit > Trinseo

29 April 2021

Aramco and SABIC announce plans

to realign marketing and sales,

commercial and supply chain activities

to drive efficiency and add customer value.

Aramco and SABIC today announce their intention

to transfer the marketing and sales responsibility

for a number of Aramco petrochemicals

and polymers products to SABIC,

and the offtake and resale responsibility

of a number of SABIC products

to Aramco Trading Company (ATC).

About the marketing and sales

transfers and changes

Responsibility for the global marketing and sales

of certain Aramco petrochemicals and polymers products

and those of its joint ventures and affiliates

will transfer to SABIC,

initially focused on:

PRefChem (Pengerang Petrochemical Company Sdn. Bhd.);

SADARA (Sadara Chemical Company); and,

S-Oil Corporation (S-Oil Corporation, South Korea).

After completing the consolidation of petrochemical products,

SABIC will market the following products,

which include

both existing products and extensions to its portfolio:


PP copolymer, PP homopolymer, PP terpolymer,

ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer(EVA),


Mono-Ethanolamine (MEA), Di-Ethanolamine (DEA),

Tri-Ethanolamine (TEA),

Ethylene diamine (EDA), DiEthyleneTriamine (DETA),


Polymeric Methylene Diphenol Diisocyanate (PMDI),

Toluene diisocyanate (TDI),

Propylene Glycols, Polyols,

Propylene Oxide,

MMA, Butyl Glycol Ether, Acetone and Phenol.

In parallel, responsibility for offtake, resale and sourcing

of a number of existing SABIC fuel products globally

(Benzene, MTBE, gasoline blending components

 and EU cracker feedstocks) will transfer

from SABIC to ATC.

Sales of Aramco Para-Xylene will remain with ATC.

A number of marketing and sales transfer exclusions

currently apply, and there are therefore

no changes planned to the following:

  • Aramco: excess production of Olefins.

  • ARLANXEO: portfolio products (rubber and elastomer).

  • Motiva: portfolio products
    (cyclohexane, propylene and ethylene).

  • S-Oil: responsibility
    for domestic marketing and sales in Korea.


Credit > Aramco

Credit > SABIC

28 April 2021

LyondellBasell (NYSE: LYB) today announced

that Shandong Yulong Petrochemical Co. Ltd

will use the LyondellBasell

LupotechT high-pressure polyethylene technology

in two separate production lines at a new facility.

The process technology will be used for

a 200 KTA low density polyethylene (LDPE) line and

a 300 KTA LDPE and

ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) line

to produce LDPE with vinyl acetate comonomer.

The facility will be located in Longkou, Yantai,

Shandong Province, P.R. of China.


Credit > LyondellBasell

23 April 2021


to merge their petrochemical businesses

Today, SIBUR and TAIF

have initiated a number of steps

to combine their petrochemical businesses.

Existing TAIF shareholders will receive

a 15% stake in PJSC SIBUR Holding

in exchange for the transfer

of a controlling interest in

TAIF’s group of petrochemical and energy companies.

The remaining stake in JSC TAIF

can be subsequently purchased

by the combined company.

The deal will be closed subject to completion

of the relevant corporate procedures

and receipt of necessary regulatory approvals.

This combination will make

the new company’s petrochemical operations

more competitive in the global market,

improve its resilience to market fluctuations, and

also unlock further growth potential

of Russia’s petrochemical industry

through joint realization of capital intensive projects,

and also boost chemical non-commodity exports.

The transaction will also bring new jobs and opportunities

for sustainable development and environmental management.

Furthermore, the new combined company

will benefit from

improved resource base diversification,

distribution and logistics optimisation,

joint R&D development,and

sharing operational best practices

to maximize the efficiency of its assets.

Upon realization of SIBUR’s and TAIF’s

already approved investment projects,

the combined company will be

one of the world’s top 5 producers

of polyolefin and rubber products.


Credit > SIBUR

Credit > TAIF Group

International Media Relations
  • Anna Lebed
  • Tel.: +7 (495) 937-17-26
    Fax: +7 (495) 777-55-00
  • E-mail:

23 April 2021

Covestro expands films production in Germany

This building at the Dormagen site

in Germany houses

Covestro's new production lines for

polycarbonate specialty films. © Covestro

Covestro has started up additional production lines

for high-quality specialty films

at its Dormagen site in Germany.

The new coextrusion lines are designed

to meet a rising demand worldwide.

View inside one of the new production lines

for polycarbonate specialty films in Dormagen.

© Covestro

The project is part of a global program

to expand film capacity

with a total investment of

more than 100 million euros

and was completed as planned

despite restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 30 new jobs will be created

to operate the new lines.

The new lines will mainly produce

multilayer flat films.

These products, for example, play an important role

in identity documents

in order to embed security features

and ensure the best possible protection

against counterfeiting.

They are also used in

medical technology and car interiors.


Credit > Covestro

21 April 2021

Kumho Mitsui Chemicals’ Yeosu Plant

Kumho Mitsui Chemicals to increase

MDI production capacity

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. today announced plans

to bolster the methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI)

production capacity of affiliate

Kumho Mitsui Chemicals Inc.

Overview of Kumho Mitsui Chemicals Ownership

Mitsui Chemicals & SKC Polyurethanes Inc. (MCNS): 50%

Kumho Petrochemical Co., Ltd.: 50%

Kumho Mitsui Chemicals manufactures and sells

high-performance monomeric MDI

used for making elastic fibers and synthetic leather,

as well as

commodity polymeric MDI

used for making insulation materials.

Capacity increase

200,000 tons/year

(410,000 tons/year → 610,000 tons/year)

Schedule (tentative)

Start of construction in April 2021

Start of operations in January 2024

The upcoming capacity increase is intended

to accommodate an expanded growth

in demand for high-performance MDI –

employed primarily in electric vehicles

for the purposes of noise, vibration

and harshness (NVH) mitigation,

as well as the growing demand for insulation materials.

In addition to expanding its production facilities,

Kumho Mitsui Chemicals will install

recycling facilities

that can reuse the by-products created

during the manufacturing process as raw materials.

This will improve self-sufficiency for raw materials,

and reduce wastewater emissions

from the plant and greenhouse gas emissions

from the overall supply chain.


Credit > Mitsui Chemicals

Credit > MCNSKC

15 April 2021

Plasticizers for the PVC industry

are now also available based on

renewable and chemically recycled feedstock.

Biomass balanced plasticizers

based on renewable feedstock

BASF has launched biomass balanced (BMB) plasticizers

based on renewable raw materials

under the names

Hexamoll® DINCH BMB,

Palatinol® N BMB,

Palatinol® 10-P BMB

and Plastomoll® DOA BMB.

Instead of fossil resources, the required amount of

bio-naphtha or biogas is used.

These materials are derived from

organic waste or vegetable oils.

Biomass balanced plasticizers

have a lower carbon footprint

than the conventional ones

and help save fossil resources.

Both, BASF’s mass balance approach

and BMB plasticizers are certified according to



Credit > BASF

9 April 2021

Effective as of April 15th 2021,

or as contract terms allow,

Arkema will raise its price across its

Hydrogen Peroxide range in Europe

and for the export markets by 50 €/DMT.

This price adjustment is necessary to cover

increasing raw materials and utilities costs



Julien LEROY
Business manager Oxygenates
& Derivatives
+33 (0)1 49 00 71 17

Credit > Arkema

2 April 2021

Solvay releases Integrated Report and Annual Report

In 2020, Solvay overcame headwinds

to deliver strong financialperformance, as well as

significant progress on sustainability goals.


Credit > Solvay

26 March 2021

BASF presents roadmap to climate neutrality

Target of net zero CO2emissions globally by20501

Significant 25percent reduction in CO2 emissions

   already by 2030

Investments of up to €4billion planned by 2030


Credit > BASF

24 March 2021


Celanese Corporation today announces

its intent to expand its GUR®

ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE)

production capacity in Europe.

Celanese intends to invest in additional capacity

for GUR® in Europe.

The expansion in Europe is expected

to be online beginning in 2024

with an annual nameplate capacity

of approximately 34KT.

Site selection for this new European facility

is underway, and Celanese is considering

both existing and greenfield locations

for a GUR® production unit.

The addition of a new UHMW-PE production facility

in Europe will support the significant growth

in the company’s

high-value GUR® engineered materials portfolio.

With this investment, Celanese will be able

to support

the double-digit growth for LIBS

(Lithium Ion Battery Separators)

in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

The new facility will also have the option

to produce medical grade GUR®.


Credit > Celanese

22 March 2021

Clariant opens state-of-the-art catalyst China R&D center

at its new Shanghai “One Clariant Campus".

Clariant Catalysts has opened

a new, state-of-the-art R&D center

at its “One Clariant Campus” (OCC) in Shanghai.

This R&D Center is integrated into the brand new

Clariant Innovation Center China

within the One Clariant Campus, and will foster

Clariant’s R&D capabilities in China.

To date, Clariant is one of the only international companies

to have built

a full-fledged comprehensive catalyst research unit

in China.

Clariant Catalysts set up its first footprint in China

nearly 50 years ago, when it provided

full catalytic solutions to

Chinese nitrogen fertilizer producers.

Since then, Clariant Catalysts has established

two plants in Shanghai and Panjin,

with a further one in Jiaxing currently under construction. 


Stefanie Nehlsen

Stefanie Nehlsen
Global Trade Media Relations
+41 61 469 63 63

Credit > Clariant AG

19 March 2021

Grace Comments on Effects of Gulf Coast Freeze

and Updates First Quarter 2021 Guidance

W. R. Grace & Co. (NYSE: GRA) today commented on

the extreme winter weather

that impacted Texas and Louisiana in mid-February.

Winter Storm Uri was a major storm that

caused widespread manufacturing disruption

across the region

because of freezing temperatures

and loss of electricity, gas, water, and other utilities.

Most polyolefin manufacturers and refineries

in the region were forced

to shut down or operate at reduced rates

following the storm.

Grace operates four manufacturing facilities in the region.

All sites experienced interruptions,

with extended downtime at three plants

ranging from 8 to 24 days.

All sites have resumed operations.

Most of our customers have restarted operations

though many are still operating at reduced rates.


Credit > WR Grace

19 March 2021

Printed solid-state batteries impress

with their long cycle life

Evonik and InnovationLab 

bring new battery technology to the market

Evonik presents a sustainable battery concept

  at LOPEC fair

New materials enable thin and flexible energy storage

Evonik presents at the virtual exhibition LOPEC

a new material technology for printable batteries.

Together with the company InnovationLab,

the specialty chemicals group

proves the integration of

TAeTTOOz® technology

in printed electronics to open up new applications.

TAeTTOOz® was develop based on

so-called redox polymers

from Creavis,

the strategic innovation unit from Evonik.


Credit > Evonik

About InnovationLab

What Is Organic Electronics?

Organic electronics is a future-oriented green technology

involving environment-friendly energy generation,

economical energy utilization,

and the manufacture of electronic components

in a way which saves resources

while using conducting and semi-conducting plastics.

Applications of Printed Organic Electronics

Printed Organic Sensors

Until recently, companies have manufactured sensors

using conventional semiconductor foundries,

which rely on a nine-step process to fabricate each sensor.

While well-established, this approach has several downsides:

Design-to-production cycles are slow, iteration is costly

— as is the per-sensor price —

and choice of substrate is limited to rigid materials,

for instance


making such sensors unsuitable for many use cases.

In contrast,

printing sensors using roll-to-roll printing methods

provides greater choice in

functional materials, substrates

and deposition methods, offering flexibility of design

to accommodate thousands of different applications.

Credit >

19 March 2021

Eastman and GP Cellulose provide critical support

for longleaf pine restoration in Florida.

In celebration of the International Day of Forests on March 21,

Eastman, Eastman Foundation and GP Cellulose

worked with The Longleaf Alliance (LLA)

to provide 60,000 longleaf pine seedlings

to Torreya State Park in Northwest Florida.

This conservation collaboration is intended

to help protect forest ecosystems,

support delicate wildlife communities,

and help repair the planet for future generations.

The planting is part of a larger effort to restore

important longleaf habitats that provide homes

to endangered, threatened and at-risk species

such as the gopher tortoise and the eastern indigo snake.

Restoring longleaf pine forests can also help

protect Florida's water quality.


Credit > Eastman

18 March 2021

AGC to Integrate and Reorganize

the 3 Chlor-Alkali Companies

in Thailand and CLMV Markets

AGC President

Yoshinori Hirai

AGC announces that its Board of Directors,

at a meeting held on March 18, 2021,

passed a resolution

to integrate and reorganize

its 3 consolidated subsidiary companies,

AGC Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd

(hereinafter “ACTH”),

Vinythai Public Company Limited

(hereinafter “VNT”),

and AGC Chemicals Vietnam Co., Ltd

(hereinafter “ACVN”),

and to form

a new company which will promote

the business development of

chlor-alkali products and services in

Thailand and Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam

(hereinafter”CLMV”) markets,

with a target completion by first half of 2022




Caustic soda and polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC)

markets in Southeast Asia are expected

to grow approximately 4% per year.

AGC Chemicals (Thailand) production capacity

350,000 tons/year Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide

Vinythai production capacity

370,000 tons/year Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide

300,000 tons/year PVC resin

400,000 tons/year VCM

120,000 tons/yeaar Epichlorohydrin

P.T. Asahimas Chemical capacity

700,000 tons/year Caustic Soda or Sodium Hydroxide

550,000 tons/year PVC resin

900,000 tons/year VCM

Credit > AGC

10 March 2021

Credit > Wacker Silicones

WACKER is to raise prices for

its entire silicones product range.

The price increases vary between 10 and 20 percent

and will be effective for material shipped

from April onwards, as customer contracts allow.

Additional volume requests outside of agreed ranges

are also subject to the new price setting.

The measure has been necessitated by

the increase in strategic raw material costs,

rising costs for support- and packaging materials

and multiple corona pandemic measures

in order to improve

the service of WACKER SILICONES.

WACKER’s complete silicones portfolio, including

silicone fluids, silicone emulsions,

silicone rubber, silicone resins, silanes,

silane-terminated polymers and

HDK® pyrogenic silica,

is subject to the price adjustment.

With this, WACKER SILICONES will continue

to strongly invest in innovation,

support global asset development

and strive to achieve high customer service levels.


Credit > Wacker

9 March 2021

Solvay starts new production unit for highpurity

H2O2 for the semiconducto rindustry 

at its Bernburg site in Germany.

Maik Diederich, Business Manager EMEA

" What is now obvious to everyone

- especially after the recent impact of COVID-19 on our lives -

is that our worldis heading towards

extensive digitalization in all areas:

homeschooling, home office, Internet ofThings, 5G,

cloud computing, smart home,

industry 4.0, electromobility etc.

The European semiconductor industry plays a crucial role

in these developments.

"The new production line (“EG20”) has been finalized on time,

and it incorporates innovations andbenefits

from the additional know-how acquired

with the several H2O2 purification units

that Solvay completed in Asia and Europe in recent years.

It accommodates the semiconductor industry’s requirements

in quality and volume of today and years to come.

The product from the new line hasbeen successfully qualified

with Solvay’s customer population.

High purity hydrogen peroxide is a key chemical

in the manufacture of semiconductor chips.

With EG20, Solvay is laying the foundation

for the next 20 years

as the leading supplier to thesemiconductor industry in Europe

- with high-purity hydrogen peroxide produced in Bernburg.


Credit > Solvay

9 March 2021

MEGlobal announces ACP for March 2021

Mar 09, 2021

Dubai, U.A.E.— March 9, 2021

MEGlobal today announced that

its Asian Contract Price (ACP)

for monoethylene glycol (MEG)

will be US$930/MT CFR Asian main ports

for arrival April 2021.

The April 2021 ACP reflects

the short term supply/demand situation in the Asian market.

About MEGlobal

For more information on the company,


4 March 2021

Dow (NYSE: DOW) today signed

a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with

the Zhanjiang Economic and Technological Development

Zone Administrative Committee (Zhanjiang EDZ)

to build

the Dow South China Specialties Hub,

a multi-year project providing customers local access

to Dow’s portfolio of

high value products and innovative technologies.

  • World-class manufacturing base will enhance
    Asia Pacific customers’ local access
    to innovative material science solutions

  • Further positions Dow to capture growth
    in world’s largest chemicals market

Aligned to Dow’s focus on

low capital intensive, fast payback

and high return growth projects,

under the MOU the Company would invest

approximately $250 million to construct

specialty polyurethanes and alkoxylates facilities,

with a total product capacity

of approximately 250,000 tons.

The site also offers opportunity

for future development and expansion

at the Specialties Hub.


Credit > Dow

4 March 2021

BASF achieved its 2020 Palm Commitment

227,213 metric tons of certified palm oil

   and palm kernel oil sourced

   representing 100 percent of procured material

Almost 95 percent of global palm footprint

   traceable back to the oil mill level

More than 300,000 metric tons CO2in 2020

   avoided by sourcing

   certified sustainable palm kernel oil


Credit > BASF

2 March 2021

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. has agreed to transfer

its 100 percent ownership of

Mitsui Chemicals Nonwovens (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (MCNT),

a Chinese subsidiary

for the production and sales of nonwovens, to

Foshan Nanhai Beautiful Nonwoven Co., Ltd.*1

(Foshan, Guangdong;President: Weiqi Deng; BTF).

BTF is a prominent manufacturer of

medical and sanitary nonwovens

with production facilities

not only in China but also in the U.S.


Credit > Mitsui Chemicals

Credit > Beautiful Nonwoven

1 March 2021

BASF to increase prices for

butanediol and derivatives in Europe

With immediate effect,

or as existing contracts permit,

BASF SE will increase its

European selling prices for

1,4 Butanediol (BDO) and its derivatives:

1,4-Butanediol (BDO) + 800 EUR/mt
Tetrahydrofuran (THF) + 1.050 EUR/mt
Polytetramethylene ether glycol (PolyTHF®) + 1.050 EUR/mt
N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP) + 800 EUR/mt
N-Ethylpyrrolidone (NEP) + 800 EUR/mt


Credit > BASF

14 February 2021

LANXESS signs contract to acquire

Emerald Kalama Chemical

 Acquisition with sales of USD 425 million

   and EBITDA of USD 90 million to strengthen

   Consumer Protection segment

 Enterprise value of USD 1.075 billion

 High-margin new application fields

   in food industry and animal health

 Rapid integration expected

Credit > LANXESS

11 February 2021

SIBUR reports Q4 and FY 2020 IFRS results.


the largest integrated petrochemicals

company in Russia and

one of the fastest-growing companies

in the global petrochemical industry,

today announces

its operating and financial results

for the fourth quarter and full year

ended 31 December 2020

in accordance with

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Highlights for FY 2020:

Resilient earnings

  •  Revenue of RUB 523 bln.

  •  EBITDA of RUB 179 bln,

     an increase of 5.4% year-on-year.

  •  Adjusted profit net of FX of RUB 93 bln.

Credit > SIBUR

11 February 2021

The Chemours Company Reports Strong Fourth Quarter

and Full Year 2020 Results

with Solid Momentum Across Core Markets

Full Year 2020 Results & Highlights

  • Net Sales of $5.0 billion

  • Net Income of $219 million with EPS of $1.32

  • Adjusted Net Income* of $329 million with

    Adjusted EPS* of $1.98

  • Adjusted EBITDA* of $879 million

  • Free Cash Flow* of $540 million

Credit > Chemours

9 February 2021

Solvay and Vertical Aerospace

partner on electric air-taxi program

Solvay will supply composite

and adhesive technologies

as well as technical support to Vertical Aerospace.

Credit > Solvay

9 February 2021

LG Chem is putting spurs to switching RE100

at its domestic workplaces by participating in

the Korean RE100 (Renewable Energy 100) system.

On the 9th, LG Chem announced that the company

participated in the Green Premium Program

that has come into effect for the first time this year

and awarded an order

for 120GWh annual renewable energy per year.

The RE100 converts 100% of the electricity

used by companies into Renewable Energy,

which replaces petroleum fossil fuels

such as solar and wind power.

Green premium is a system that allows

electricity consumers to issue a

"confirmation on the use of renewable energy"

and use it for

RE100 certification

if they pay green premium to KEPCO.

Credit > LG Chem

9 February 2021

Indorama Ventures Reports 2020 Third Quarter Results

3Q 2020 Performance Summary:

Reported net profit is

THB 380 million in 3Q20 and

THB 1,104 million for 9M20.

Credit > Indorama Ventures

9 February 2021

DuPont Reports Fourth Quarter 2020 Results

• 4Q20 GAAP EPS from continuing operations of $0.37;

adjusted EPS of $0.95

• 4Q20 Net Sales of $5.3 billion, up 1 percent;

organic sales flat with the year-ago period

• 4Q20 GAAP Income from continuing operations

of $279 million and Operating EBITDA of $1.3 billion

Credit > Dupont

9 February 2021

BASF and Siemens Energy to cooperate

in the field of Carbon Management

 Strategic partnership for industrial use

    of low-CO2 technologies

 Study of concrete projects

    for BASF’s Ludwigshafen site

 Focus on hydrogen production,

    heat pumps and power grid upgrade

Credit > BASF

4 February 2021

Borealis announces a solid full-year 2020 result

with a net profit of EUR 589 million

despite a market environment heavily impacted

by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Credit > Borealis

4 February 2021

Borealis has decided to start

a process divesting

its nitrogen business unit


fertilizer, technical nitrogen and melamine products.

Such a divestment would be subject to

information and consultation requirements

with employee representatives

as may be required under applicable laws.

Credit > Borealis

3 February 2021

Trinseo Fourth Quarter 2020 Summary

  • Net income of $67 million and diluted EPS of $1.71;

    Adjusted EBITDA* of $149 million

    and Adjusted EPS* of $1.84,

    inclusive of a pre-tax favorable net timing

    impact of $29 million

  • Cash from operations of $128 million;

    Free Cash Flow* of $106 million

Credit > Trinseo

29 January 2021

LyondellBasell Reports 2020 Earnings

Full Year 2020 Highlights

Resilient Earnings

  • Net Income: $1.4 billion, $1.9 billion
    excluding LCM and Impairment 1

  • Diluted earnings per share: $4.24 per share,
    $5.61 per share excluding LCM and Impairment

  • EBITDA: $3.3 billion, $3.9 billion
    excluding LCM and Impairment

Read more

Credit > LyondellBasell

28 January 2021

Celanese Corporation today announced

that its board of directors has approved

a 10 percent increase in

the company’s quarterly common stock cash dividend.

The dividend increase from

$0.62 to $0.68 per share of common stock

on a quarterly basis and from

$2.48 to $2.72 per share of common stock

on an annual basis.

The new dividend rate will be effective immediately.

Credit > Celanese

26 January 2021

LyondellBasell and Sinopec finalize joint venture

to manufacture

propylene oxide and styrene monomer in China.

The JV will construct

a new PO and SM unit in Zhenhai Ningbo, China.

This new unit will have

275 kilotons per annum (KTA) capacity of PO and

600 KTA capacity of SM.

The unit will use LyondellBasell's leading

PO / SM technology.

Products produced by the JV will be

marketed equally by both partners,

significantly expanding their respective participation

in the Chinese market for PO and SM.

Startup is expected at the end of 2021.

Credit > LyondellBasell

21 January 2021

BASF has signed

a global, exclusive supply agreement with

Caregen, for four cosmetic peptides.

With this expansion in its portfolio, BASF plans

to launch four peptides

with anti-aging and anti-pigmentation properties,

for prone-atopic and prone-acneic skins,

in the course of 2021.

Credit > BASF

19 January 2021

INEOS donates £100 Million

to create new Oxford University Institute

to fight Antimicrobial Resistance.

Credit > Ineos

18 January 2021

INOVYN BICHLOR™ electrolysers

selected by Koyuncu Group

for major investment in Konya, Turkey.

As one of the world's leading

chlor alkali technology solution providers,

with over 100 years of

electrolysis experience and electrolyser design,

INOVYN will provide state of the art

BICHLOR™ bipolar electrolysers

for a new 33,000m2 facility that will produce

chlorine, caustic, sodium hypochlorite

and hydrochloric acid. 

The new facility will have

an annual production capacity of 50,000 tonnes,

with potential for further investment

in the production of derivatives in the future.

Engineering, construction and start-up

for the project will be provided by

Vespro A.Ş.,

an experienced supplier of process equipment

for chemical and industrial plants,

both domestically and internationally.  

The project duration is 15 months

and production is planned

to start by the beginning of 2022.

Credit > Innovyn

14 January 2021

Covestro receives ISCC Plus certification

for its Antwerp and Uerdingen sites

More sustainable polycarbonates and polyurethane raw materials

Gradual conversion of production in Europe planned

Drop-in solution for customers with constant product quality

Covestro has now received

ISCC Plus mass balance certification

for its Antwerp and Krefeld-Uerdingen sites.

This means the company can now offer its customers

large product volumes of

the high-performance plastic polycarbonate

made from renewable attributed raw materials

in the same good quality as fossil-based polycarbonate.

The polyurethane raw material

methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI)

from Krefeld-Uerdingen and its precursor aniline

from the Antwerp plant are now also available

with ISCC Plus certification


Credit > Covestro

12 January 2021


Products : Salt, Chlorine, Caustic, Chloromethanes

Nouryon announces renaming of

Industrial Chemicals subsidiary to


as next step in growth and branding strategy.

Credit > Nouryon

12 January 2021

Celanese to Build World Class

Liquid Crystal Polymer Plant in China

Celanese Corporation today announced its intent

to build a world-scale, multi-phase

Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) polymerization plant

in China to support the significant growth

in its high-value Vectra® and Zenite® LCP product lines.

Site selection is underway, and Celanese is considering

both existing and greenfield locations

to place its new LCP facility.

The total scope of the investment is intended

to support approximately

20 kilotons of LCP production per year

with the first phase of the project expected

to come on-line in 2024.

The addition of LCP polymerization capacity

in China

will make Celanese the only LCP producer

with assets in

both Asia and the Western Hemisphere,

giving the company the unique ability

to work closely with customers in multiple regions.

Celanese currently has L

CP polymerization capability

in Shelby, North Carolina, and

LCP compounding in North America, Europe and China.

Credit > Celanese

5 January 2021

Solvay to sell its North American and European

amphoteric surfactant business to

OpenGate Capital

The Solvay Group agreed to sell

its North American and European

amphoteric surfactant business to

OpenGate Capital,

a private equity firm with headquarters

in Los Angeles.

The sale includes the three main production sites

supporting the amphoteric product lines

located in

University Park, Illinois (USA),

Genthin, Germany,

Halifax, United Kingdom, and

a tolling business in Turkey.

The agreement also includes

tolling and service agreements

between Solvay and OpenGate

to ensure a seamless transition

and minimal customer disruption.

In OpenGate Capital, Solvay has identified

a strong buyer for

the North American and European

amphoteric surfactant business

while the sale will generate additional resources

for Solvay to invest in

its strategic growth segments

as part of its portfolio simplification journey.

Credit > Solvay

4 January 2021


2021 New Year's Greeting

from President (Hitoshi Kawahara)

To be "a strategically indispensable company"

for people around the world

Importance of "a safe workplace and a company

in which everyone can work with confidence"

To be a vigorous and creative corporate entity

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Engro Corporation Limited (Engro)

has in-principle agreed with W.R. Grace & Co.

to use its UNIPOL® PP Process Technology

for the Company’s proposed 750KTA PDH-PP plant

in Karachi, Pakistan.

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